MORE SUMMER FUN: Weekly Consumption

What Our Team Is Streaming This Week

In a new weekly series, we’re going to chat all things consumption. And we don’t just mean food, although that could very well be part of this too. It can be anything from Netflix series and books to specific workout classes and, ok, probably cookies. In short, it’s what we — as a team  are consuming. And what we think you should dive into with us. Get it? Good!

First up, streaming (something we have all been doing quite a lot of). Now, before you think this list is from 1998, let us warn you: our team has been on a major throwback kick as of late. If we were to go Freudian on ourselves, perhaps it’s a need for nostalgia in heavier times? Or maybe there’s just nothing in the Top 10 striking our fancy these days. (No offense, Bridgerton fans.)

Regardless, this is our list and we’re sticking to it (until the final episode, at least.) Behold, the lineup regularly gracing our boob tubes right now:

What we’re streaming: Sex and the City
Where to stream it: HBO (not the Max, yet!)

Sex and the City

Despite how annoying Carrie can be is, this show is just never not fantastic. In fact, it’s the pioneer show when it comes to dating. Seriously, it touches on every single topic that can and ever will arise in a relationship. It’s actually mind-boggling. Don’t believe us? Watch it again.

What we’re streaming: Gilmore Girls
Where to stream it: Netflix

Ok, honestly, sometimes it’s unclear if we even like this show. (Lorelai, do you need a clever quip for everything??!) But it’s a great one to put on before you go to bed; seriously, give it a try. 

What we’re streaming: Friends 
Where to stream it: HBO Max


There’s a reunion happening, guys. And call us basic, but this show still — decades later — manages to elicit regular laugh out louds from us. So, yeah, it stays in the queue. 

What we’re streaming: Arrested Development (not past season 5 when it gets weird)
Where to stream it: Netflix

There’s always money in the banana stand. Need we say more?

What we’re streaming: The Sopranos
Where to stream it: Amazon Prime or HBO

The Sopranos

It took an international pandemic to finally watch this series from beginning to end, and while we will certainly not say it was worth it — it was, perhaps, one of the few perks to being quarantined. If you have yet to watch this show, we have three words for you: Watch. This. Show.


Photo Credits: Sex and the City: Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall in a 1999 promo photo for Sex and the City." Credit: SANTE D'ORAZIO/HBO; Friends: CREDIT: DAVID BJERKE/NBCU PHOTO BANK/GETTY IMAGES; The Soparanos: Photo via HBO