A Note From Madeleine Henry

Hi! My name is Madeleine Henry, and I’m the author of The Love Proof: A Novel, out now from Atria. The Love Proof is about a brilliant woman, Sophie Jones, who is mathematically gifted and on track to unlock the secrets of space and time—when suddenly, on her first day of college, she falls deeply in love. She transitions from a quantitative existence into a very emotional one, transformed by the power of connection. After an unexpected loss, Sophie embarks on a journey to prove that the ones we love are always connected to us.

I love writing books full of heart and soul that connect people over important questions. I love smart fiction that makes people feel. But I wasn’t always a writer.

My first job was actually in investment banking. I started my career at Goldman Sachs, building financial models in Excel spreadsheets. However, it was always my dream to write fiction. So, in my precious little free time, I wrote and wrote in hopes of one day selling a book and becoming an author. The odds were small, but I stuck with it. After working on the manuscript for years, while holding down my finance job full-time, I finally sold my first novel, Breathe In, Cash Out.

Breathe In, Cash Out is about an investment banker who wants to be a yogi. It’s fast-paced, edgy, and fun, and it captures office angst set against the backdrop of Instagram lifestyle jobs. It captures the deeper desire to be involved in work that feeds your soul, and it’s filled with anecdotes about Wall Street that feel authentic and show what it’s like for young people there today. The novel is very loosely inspired by my own experiences.

Once I sold Breathe In, Cash Out, I left the field to write full-time. This was a very happy period for me because, finally, I felt free to do what I love. I was craving work with more heart and soul to it, so I wrote The Love Proof, about how connecting deeply with someone else can be transformational and deeply nourishing. 

I still practice yoga and share more about my life, books, and favorite yoga poses on Instagram @MadeleineHenryYoga. I started this account because my friends said I was posting too many yoga photos on my personal account (LOL SORRY). I’m currently working on my third novel and can’t wait to share that too! :heart: