8 Things We Absolutely Won’t Be Doing in 2021

We’ve all heard them countless times before: start running, drink more water… incorporate handcuffs more. New year’s resolutions are undoubtedly a thing. 

But do you know what’s just as important? Knowing what you won’t do. And, honestly, what better dumpster fire of a year to learn what you won’t take into the next one than good ol’ 2020. 

To help get your ideas flowing, our team has each listed one thing they refuse to do next year. 

Getting worked up about everything, especially the things I can’t control. This was the year of insanity, and I want to take things less seriously in 2021. 

Not traveling. It does just does too much good for my mind and soul. And you don’t need a plane to explore… two words: Road. Trip.  

Wearing any of my quarantine pajamas. All new loungewear game in 2021; in fact, I may even get dressed every single day whether or not leaving the house or not. 

Feel bad about flaking ever again. COVID was the ultimate “out” for anything this year, but one thing it made me realize is that there are lots of things I do out of obligation. 2020 was a big giant spotlight on who and what is important, and in 2021 I plan to focus on those things… not things I feel guilted into. 

I will not be ordering flour and yeast in bulk. Because I’m never fucking baking bread again. 

Stay in a relationship out of convenience. (Or, truthfully, because you didn’t want to quarantine solo.)

Obsess about working out. Fuck quarantine abs. I’ll work out how much or how little I want each day and go at my pace. I’m going to listen to my body and be kinder to myself.

Not panic buying. I bought duck legs in lieu of chicken being sold out. Annnnnnd they are still in the freezer. The privilege to buy duck and not eat it is not lost on me.