Our site is a curation of the summerset. What exactly is the summerset? Glad you asked. It's a mindset. It's those who are always searching for their best self and believe that self-care is a universal need. Summerset isn’t constrained from June – August; it’s a belief that adventure and fun can be found all year long — if you look in the right places and bring along the right people, that is.

Oh, and the term "influencer" has been totally mangled thanks to years of 15-minutes-of-fame seekers who think well-shaped abs or reposting the BEST MEME EVER is all it takes to add something to our culture. Where are all the artists who actually believe in what they say and bring beauty and spirit to our minds not just our eyes?

Our goal is to redirect the attention currently held by these one-dimensional types to the counterculture - the ones, in short, you’d actually want to kick it with. No filters & #ads found here - just real stories of eclectic individuals and their favorite brands, art, music, places & stories. Join the conversation, won't you? Submit your referrals & recommendations to @moresummerfun; like & favorite lists to connect directly to diverse curators from all walks of life. Because remember, you're one too.

That fact is, we’ve never understood "June Gloom" — we always wear white after Labor Day. And when the cold winter hits, hey... there’s always Australia.